Coriolis (2013)
Coriolis, 3×16:9 screen, 2013. Color, sound (language; French, Mina) English subtitles, 18min.

Coriolis is a 3-channel projection. It´s an documentary about identical twins, Marthe and Martine, who are separated by the world. A caregiver of the elderly, Martine lives currently in Helsinki, while Marthe, who works as a dressmaker, still lives in their native country, Togo. The two sisters come from a region where the great forces of the climate, planetary winds, arise. Shot with Bolex Reflex 16mm camera in Benin in Gulf of Guinea.

Original title / Coriolis (3-channel installation)
Type / Installation
Duration / 00:18:00
Shooting format 16mm