Femme d´Afrique is a B/W -documentary film about diligent women at Gulf of Guinea.




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English title / Woman of Africa
Original title / Femme d`Afrique
Type / Single channel
Genre / Female point of view, Human relations, Documentary
Country / Finland
Picture ratio / 16:9
Duration / 00:14:38
Language / French
Sound format / Stereo
Year / 2011
Credits / Milja Viita (Author), Milja Viita (Director), Milja Viita (Editor), Milja Viita (Producer), Milja Viita (Script), Milja Viita (Camera), Georgette Singbe (Performer), Sylvie Ahouangassi (Performer)

Film Dialogue List:

00:04:05:00 Woman of Africa
00:06:43:19 Woman of Africa
00:06:49:06 woman who does everything
00:06:54:21 covers the floor and the ceilings,-
00:07:02:12 with cow dung and black soil
00:07:12:14 Cooks aya,-
00:07:17:00 baby tightly on the back
00:07:24:06 washes dishes
00:07:31:12 plants, weeds
00:07:35:12 harvest
00:07:45:09 Sells, builds
00:07:49:08 Shops
00:08:00:04 You are a wagon
00:08:02:21 a lorry
00:08:05:05 a donkey
00:08:07:20 Woman of Africa
00:08:10:14 What don’t You do?

00:09:54:11 Hey, where did I lost the plastic bag?
00:09:57:14 Why do You ask, cannot see well?
00:10:00:08 Please, don’t make fun with an old woman
00:10:24:01 Hey grandmom,
do You have a plastic bag to give away?
00:10:30:10 Thank you, little sister
00:10:33:00 Here you go, you can have it.
00:10:36:06 Take it, take it quickly…
00:10:48:06 Grandmom, what is Your name?
00:10:51:00 My name doesn´t matter…I don’t need to tell
00:10:53:11 You don’t have a name…?
00:10:55:21 I do have a name
00:10:57:21 What if some day in future this stranger want’s to find You, –
00:11:00:10 How can she find You without knowing Your name?
00:11:02:08 My name is Bakossi
00:11:04:07 Bakossi, what is Your age?
00:11:06:07 Oh, my age? I don’t know it.
00:11:08:16 Do You have children?
00:11:10:16 I´ve got many child, –
00:11:12:11 but only three of them are alive.
00:11:15:09 When have You started to sell bread?
00:11:17:23 Oh, ages ago.
Past then the bread sold better.
00:11:20:23 I´ve carried bread forever, people have renamed me after that.
00:11:24:05 They call me “Hot Bread”
00:11:27:11 Where do You live?
00:11:29:15 I live in Hounssoukpe, near the ocean.
00:11:32:14 When you are in the village, ask Bakossi and you will find me.
00:11:37:00 How many kilometers do You walk in a day?

00:11:41:12 Oh… I don’t know, really. I walk as long as all the bread is gone.
00:11:46:10 A daughter of mine also sells bread –
00:11:49:15 but she stays at one spot.
00:11:52:08 HOT BREAD!
00:11:53:22 Here!
00:11:55:08 HOT BREAD!!
00:11:56:16 I’m coming!
00:12:02:08 Well, what did I say…
00:12:09:12 Grandmom, how long will You continue working?
00:12:14:19 As long as I am healthy and alive.
00:12:19:08 Children are saying I should stop already, but me – I don’t want to.
00:12:23:22 This work makes me good, it keeps me healthy and strong.
00:12:27:13 We people should keep ourselves in motion, for me the work is good exercise, too.
00:13:41:15 It should be enough now, I need to start moving…
00:13:44:06 Somebody is calling her
00:13:45:02 Yes, she can go.
00:13:47:02 Are You still here… we have been waiting for You.
00:13:48:22 Please come, we called You.
00:13:51:07 Thank You.
00:13:52:15 Done?

00:14:02:19 Woman of Africa
00:14:05:09 woman who does everything
00:14:07:21 covers the floor and the ceilings, –
00:14:10:19 with cow dung and black soil
00:14:14:06 cooks aya, baby tightly on the back
00:14:18:23 Washes dishes. Plants, weeds, harvest. Sells, builds. Shops.
00:14:25:11 You are a wagon, –
00:14:27:20 a lorry, a donkey
00:14:30:02 Woman of Africa, what don’t You do?