Lost Letters (2008)

Missing Letters 1939-1945 (2008)
Lost Letters 1939-1945, 22 min looped, 16 mm B/W-film, sound (Finnish, English subtitles) 2008
Missing Letters 1939-1945 (2008)
Lost Letters

LOST LETTERS, 1939-1945 is a single channel video.

The letters of artists grandparents, Aino and Allan, were hidden
under the floor of an old house in Asikkala in Finland. Over fifty years later
their children rewrote the letters on the basis of their own memories and visions.
The original letters are still missing.

Duration 20 min. looped. 16 mm B/W- film, digitalized. 4:3, stereo. Audio: Finland/Suomi. Subtitles in English. Kiasma collections.