Monster Attack (2010)

Monster Attack is a single channel video. Kenyan children are playing under the canopy of bamboos when, suddenly, the harmonious atmosphere gets broken.       Online preview: English title / Monster Attack Original title / Monster Attack Type / Single channel Genre / Experimental Country / Finland Picture ratio / 16:9 Duration / 00:02:10 … Continue reading Monster Attack (2010)

Natural African Jazz Piece – Noël (2010)

  Noël and Red-rumped Tinkerbird is a single-channel video. Red-rumped tinkerbird (Pogoniulus atroflavus) is a small, lively bird living in Sub-Saharan West Africa. When a man and the bird met one morning, the man was meant to just imitate the bird, but something new was created instead. Punaperäseppä (Red-rumped Tinkerbird, lat.Pogoniulus atroflavus) on elinvoimainen ja … Continue reading Natural African Jazz Piece – Noël (2010)

Return of Birdsong (2009)

Return of Birdsong is a 4 -channel video installation. Children from Finland and Kenya imitates the song of endangered bird species. Birds imitated: Käenpiika (Jynx Torquilla) Sinipyrstö (Luscinia cyanura) Muuttohaukka (Falco peregrinus) Haarahaukka (Milvus migrans) Valkoselkätikka (Dendrocopos leucotos) Tiltaltti (Phylloscopus collybita) Amani Sunbird (Hedydipna pallidigaster) Sokoke Scops Owl (Otus ireneae) Sokoke Pipit (Anthus sokokensis) Spotted … Continue reading Return of Birdsong (2009)

Bomb Factory Girl (2006)

DV, 5´40 (2006) See the film: A woman tells about her work on the Bomb Factory during the World War II. Pommitehtaan tyttö. Nainen kertoo nuoruuden työstään pommitehtaalla jatkosodan aikana. English title / The Bomb Factory Girl Original title / Pommitehtaan tyttö Type / Single channel Genre / Female point of view, Human relations, … Continue reading Bomb Factory Girl (2006)