(2019) Music for the S8 film:


Picture: Terra Long & Sharlene Bamboat 2019

2019 | 8 min | Super 8mm | Canada

Film shot and directed by Sharlene Bamboat & Terra Long

Original music by Milja Viita & Terra Long

Commissioned to make a Super 8 film in celebration of the 18th anniversary of the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles, Sharlene Bamboat and Terra Long each took a roll and began a correspondence. Fragments of text, drawings, and divination techniques were shared and translated into images. Chasing the ephemeral, building a language of collaboration, The Stammering Alphabet is a playful correspondence film. Milja Viita was invited to collaborate in music into the film The Stammering Alphabet.

Echo Park Film Center 18th Anniversary




(2011) Video artist in the project:


Still Life with Mary (2012) -installation view

2011-2012 | 11 min | 16mm | Poland & Finland

Music: Aleksander Nowak

Cello: Juho Laitinen

Imaging: Milja Viita

Producer: Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo | Production: Mixed-Art Association Poike

Short film & Live video art concert version

Still Life with Mary is a moving image concert and installation. Film was expecially made for the cello, by examining the rural landscape and villagers in south Poland through the lenses of Bolex. Not visualizing the music, but rather building an expanded diary of the specific days of the three strangers randomly put together. 16mm B/W -film, glass objects, 2012. Produced by Poike ry for Capital of Culture Turku in 2011.

Live concerts:

Sibelius museum, Turku

Pori Art Museum

Installation version:

MediaArt UP! exhibition in Cable Factory, Helsinki