1.12.2023-14.1.2024 11th of May 1918 (2004) Hommage á Lauri Anttila, Kuva/Tila -gallery, Helsinki

11.12. 2023 Delight at Robert St. at LIFT Round Up 2023, Paradise Theatre, Toronto, CA

3.10.-27.12.2023 Residency, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

20.9. 2024 Fata Morgana, 35mm live-performance and premiere, Rauma-Sali, Lönnström Art Museum

13.9.2025–19.4.2026 Solo exhibition, Serlachius museum Gösta, Mänttä

2025 Fata Morgana installation, Lönnström Home Museum, Rauma


14.11. 2023 Bambi, Light Cone/Scratch Collection/Ghost in the Machine. Le LUMINOR Hôtel de Ville, Paris.

2.-5.11.2023 When We are Nothing Left, Video Art Festival Turku (VAFT)

19.-29.10 2023 Delight at Robert St. at the 26th Antimatter [media art] Victoria, BC, CA

23.-29.10.2023 Delight at Robert St. in the special programme Cats and Dogs: a Symphony in Film at the 42nd Uppsala Short Film Festival

4.-15.10. 2023 Delight at Robert St. at the 52nd festival du Nouvéau Cinéma de Montréal

1.-6.6.2023 World Premiére for Delight at Robert St. / Vienna Shorts, Austria

21.-26.3. 2023 Bambi, North American Premiere, 61. ANN ARBOR Film Festival, USA

30.4.-5.9. 2022 Bambi (World Premiere) 68. International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

15.-19.6. 2022 Bambi at Midnight Sun Film Festival, Kamerakynät programme curated by Mika Taanila

1.12.2023-14.1.2024 Restorated copy of 16mm film 11th of May 1918 (2004) in the exhibition “Hommage á Lauri Anttila” – in memory of the professor of Time and Space Lauri Anttila (1938-2022)


35mm film work In Progress. Fata Morgana was chosen to production by the 6th Lönnström Art Museum project call, read more about FATA MORGANA here

New edit coming! Lost letters 1939-1945. Screening format 35mm film. Originally released 2008. Work is in Kiasma collections.

Solo Exhibition, 35mm film installation in duration of 74 min. in Serlachius Museum Gösta 13.9.2025-19.4.2026