Animal Bridge U-3033 (2018)

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It´s increasingly difficult to find natural tranquility in nature. Our cultural presence affects onto the environment even when we are not around physically.  Green bridge is like a thin line between untouched nature and the built culture. These bridges are architecturally fascinating structures, designed solely for nature, allowing wild animals to cross the highway. The 35mm film repeats the movements of human body, creating a chaotic contrast with the mysterious reality captured by Black-Flash cameras.

Animal Bridge U-3033 is an experimental film and a wildlife documentary. Filmed during a year on a green bridge above motor highway. Animal Bridge U-3033 is based on a 3-channel installation Renditions (2017) Filming formats 35mm academic, S-16mm and infra black video.

Eläinsilta U-3033 on kokeellinen luontodokumentti, joka on kuvattu moottoritien ylittävällä riistasillalla.  Kuvausformaatit S-16mm ja 35mm elokuvafilmi sekä inframustavideo.
Milja Viita (Author), Milja Viita (Cinematographer), Viljami Mehto (Composer), Milja Viita (Director), Milja Viita (Editor), Milja Viita (Script), Veli Granö (Sound Design), Loa Linnea Salo (Actor), Sari Volanen (Funder), Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo (Funder)