Animal Bridge U-3033 is an experimental film and a wildlife documentary. Filmed during a year on a green bridge above motor highway. Shooting formats 35mm Academy, S-16mm and infra black video.

Eläinsilta U-3033 on kokeellinen luontodokumentti, joka on kuvattu moottoritien ylittävällä riistasillalla.  Kuvausformaatit S-16mm ja 35mm elokuvafilmi sekä inframustavideo.

Renditions, still, 2017

The Finnish Film Foundation gives the Risto Jarva Award annually at the Tampere Film Festival. The award is worth 10,000 euros, and its purpose is to promote Finnish short filmmaking. The award commemorates the Finnish filmmaker Risto Jarva (1934–1977).
The winning film should bring a new kind of storytelling or fresh ideas to Finnish film. It should be original in its content or look for new ways of cinematic expression. The Finnish Film Foundation selects the three members of the Risto Jarva jury. The winning film is picked from the Finnish films selected to the Tampere Film Festival.