Delight at Robert St. (2022)

Excerpt, 38sec

35mm high con 2378 reversal, optically printed & toned
16mm high con 3378 & Tri-X (solarized)
High con 2378 optically printed on color negative, Kodak 50D. Hand processed.

Synopsis (English):
Buddy, an old stray cat in Toronto, had managed to conquer a small territory of his own in the center of the city. The filmmaker met Buddy’s gaze every time she went out. She befriended her neighbor and captured his last autumn with her old 35mm hand cranked movie camera. Delight at Robert St. is a visual poem about the everyday moments that shape our lives.

Vanha torontolainen kulkukissa Buddy oli onnistunut valloittamaan itselleen pienen oman reviirin kaupungin keskustasta. Elokuvantekijä kohtasi Buddyn katseen aina ulos lähtiessään, hän ystävystyi naapurinsa kanssa ja ikuisti vanhalla veivattavalla 35mm kamerallaan sen viimeisen syksyn. Delight at Robert St. on visuaalinen runo jokapäiväisistä hetkistä, joista elämämme muotoutuu.


Duration: 09:45min
Year: 2022
Shooting formats with camera and optical printers; S16, 35mm Academy
Screening format: 35mm, DCP
Black and white & colour
Dialogue: no
Aspect Ratio: Academy 1.37:1
Sound: 5.1

The film is produced with the assistance of the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)
and Filemo Films. Funding: AVEK/Milla Moilanen 2021
With the support of Saastamoinen foundation, Art University/Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Serlachius Residency.
The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture has supported the working of the artist.

Delight at Robert St. (still)